Famous Greeks by name Christos or Hristos

Name Christos or Hristos is one of the popular Greek names; it celebrates its nameday on Christmas day.

There are numerous famous Greeks by name Christos or Hristos, therefore if you feel like wishing to someone, here is a list of famous Greeks who celebrate their nameday on December 25th!

Famous Greeks by name Christos or Hristos

Christos Nikolopoulos: Famous Greek composer and bouzouki player
Christos Cholidis: Greek singer
Christos Thivaios: Greek singer
Christos Dantis: Greek Singer
Christos Giannaras: Greek author and philosopher
Christos Michaelidis: Greek journalist and radio producer
Christos Papoutsis: Greek politician
Christos Protopapas: Greek politician
Christos Lambrakis: Greek journalist and businessman
Christos Aidonis: Greek politician
Christos Iakovou: Greek athlete and coach of the Greek National Weightlifting team
Christos Chomenidis: Greek author
Christos Moralis: Greek singer
Christos Kapralos: Greek artist
Christos Verelis: Greek politician
Christos Sartzetakis: Greek politician, former President of the Greek Republic
Christos Loulis: Greek actor



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