Nina female greek name


Nina is a female Greek name whose etymology is not known; some people think that it derives from the Spanish word “nina”, which means child. If you meet a woman named Nina you should ask her if that is her full name, because Nina can also be the diminutive of some other Greek female names […]

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sergios male greek name


Sergios is a  male Greek name whose origins are found in the early Roman years. The name Sergios possibly means “servant” in Latin, but most likely it is of unknown Etruscan origin. Sound of name Sergios: Sé-ryeeos Female version of name Sergios: Sergiana Nameday of Sergios: October 7th Origin of name Sergios – Agios Sergios Sergios […]

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Greek names and love

Certain Greek names are synonymous of love, either because these names refer to love itself, or because they are associated with one of its characteristics and virtues. In Greece, there are several Greek words for love, because there are different nuances of this very complicated feeling. Hence, there are also different Greek names for love […]

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Sakis is a male Greek name, which is relatively common in Greece. Sakis is the diminutive of a couple male Greek names. The suffix -akis in Greek means “little” or small, so you may find a series of names ending in -akis, such as Makis, Sakis, Takis and so on. Sakis usually derives either from […]

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Anastasios is a male Greek name, which means “resurrection”. The name Anastasios derives from the Greek word anastasis, which literally means “standing up” and “resurrection”. Anastasios is a rather common male name in Greece. Sound of name Anastasios: A-na-stá-see-os Female Version of name Anastasios: Anastasia Nameday of Anastasios: Easter day and January 22 Origin of name […]

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female greek name zinovia


Zinovia is a Greek female name which means “life of Zeus”. Zinovia derives from the Greek word zeno, a prefix form of the name of God Zeus, combined with bios, which means “life”. So, Zinovia means Zeus’ life. Sound of name Zinovia: Xee-no-vée-a Male Version of Zinovia: Zinovios Nameday of Zinovia: October 30th Origin of name Zinovia […]

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male greek name makis


Makis is a male Greek name commonly used in Greece. Makis is actually a nickname, diminutive of certain main male names, such as Thomas, Efthymis, Asimakis and more. In Greece it is quite common to see male names in -akis, such as Sakis or Takis, because the suffix -akis means “the little one” and is […]

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male greek name gerasimos


Gerasimos is a male Greek name, which is commonly found on the island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea. Gerasimos derives from the Greek words geras (γερας), which means both “old” or “honour”. In general, Gerasimos is the honorable man. Sound of name Gerasimos: Ge-rá-see-mos Female Version of name Gerasimos: Gerasimoula Nameday of […]

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greek female name efthalia


Efthalia is a female Greek name, which derives from the Greek words “ef” and “thalo”, which mean good and blossom respectively. Therefore, Efthalia means the rich and blooming one. Name Efthalia is not as common as it used to be in Greece.  There is something interesting here: although the name is Christian, its main diminutive […]

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female greek name thalia


Thalia is a female Greek name that derives from the main name Efthalia. Although today it is considered a diminutive, in ancient Greece Thalia was a standalone ancient Greek name. Thalia was attributed to many Greek women, including one of the nine Muses. Name Thalia comes from the verb thalleo or thallo, meaning to sprout abundant, […]

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Androniki is a female Greek name which derives from the Greek words andros and niki, which mean “of the man” and “victory” respectively. Hence, Androniki means the victory of a man, or the victorious man. Androniki is an ancient Greek name which is also included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar. Sound of name Androniki: A-nthro-neé-keeh […]

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