male greek name andronikos


Andronikos is a male Greek name, which derives from the words “andros” (of the man) and “niki” (victory). Andronikos is an ancient Greek name, which means victorious. It is the male respective of name Androniki. Sound of name Andronikos: A-ndró-nee-kos Female Version of name Andronikos: Androniki Nameday of Andronikos: May 17th and July 30th Origin of name […]

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female greek name evanthia


Evanthia is a female Greek name, whose origins are found in Ancient Greece, but it was used more during the early Christian years. The name Evanthia derives from the words “ev” and “anthos” which mean nice and rosebud, therefore Evanthia means the nicely blossoming flower. Sound of name Evanthia: E-van-theé-ah Male Version of name Evanthia: […]

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male greek name Takis


Takis is a male Greek name which is rather common in Greece, or at least used to be until recently. Nowadays, Greek people tend to keep their main name and avoid using diminutives or nicknames, as it used to happen in the past. Takis is one of the most common nicknames, deriving though from several […]

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