Male greek name ksenophon

Xenophon or Xenofon

Xenophon or Xenofon is an ancient Greek name which derives from the words “ksenos” and “foni”, which mean “foreign” and “voice” respectively. Xenophon is a male Greek name associated with a great ancient Greek historian, but it is used in modern Greece as well, although in a more modernized version, which is Xenophontas. The spelling […]

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Efterpi or Euterpe

Efterpi or Euterpe is a female Greek name from the words “ef” and “terpo”, which mean “good” and “give pleasure”. Therefore, Efterpi is the one who gives great pleasure to the others. Efterpe is an ancient Greek name found in the Greek mythology. Sound of name Efterpi: Ef-tér-pee Male Version of name Efterpi: N/A Nameday […]

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Kalliroi or Callirhoe

Kalliroi or Callirhoe is a female Greek name whose roots are found in the ancient years. The name Kalliroi derives from the Greek words “kallos”,  which means beauty and “roi”, which means flow; therefore, Kalliroi is the “beautifully streamed” or “beautifully flowing”. The spelling “Kalliroi” is closer to the Greek spelling of the name, while Callirhoe […]

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Elli, Elle or Helle

Elli is a female Greek name whose origins are found in the ancient years. Although there is no much information on the etymology of the name Elli, it is considered that it derives from the word “Ellin”, which means Greek. Other Latin spellings of Elli are Elle and Helle. Sound of name Elli: Éh-llee Male […]

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Famous Greeks by name Nikos

Nikos is one of the most common names in Greece; it ranks third, after Giorgos and Giannis, and just before Dimitris. There are many famous Greeks by name Nikos and Nikolaos (whose diminutive is Nikos). Let’s see a list with famous Greeks by name Nikos. Nikos Gatsos: famous Greek poet and lyricwriter Nikos Kazantzakis: one […]

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Greek names starting with B or X

You have maybe noticed that there are no Greek names starting with the letter B or X in our site. It is not our omission or mistake; it is all about a peculiarity of the Greek alphabet and the Latinized version of the Greek names. It may seem a little complicated at first, but it’s all […]

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Kalomoira or Kalomira

Kalomoira or Kalomira is a Greek female name, which derives from the Greek words “kalos” and “moira”, which mean good and fate respectively. Therefore Kalomoira is the woman of a good fate. The name Kalomoira is not popular in the Greek urban areas. It is more common in rural areas, although you will rarely meet […]

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Eros or Erotas

Eros or Erotas is not just being in love in Greece; it’s also a male name, which may be not that usual, but you might end up meeting one or two men named Eros in your life. Otherwise, we just hope you find eros in your life! The Greek word eros or erotas means love […]

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Marilena is a female Greek name, which is relatively common in Greece. Marilena is actuallty a compound name, because it derives from the names Maria and Eleni, which are both very common female names, as we have seen already. Sound of name Marilena: Ma-ree-lé-nah Male Version of name Marilena: N/A Nameday of Marilena: May 21st […]

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female greek name mando or manto

Mando or Manto

Mando or Manto is a female Greek name deriving from the Greek word “mantis”, which means prophet or fortune teller. Mando is an ancient Greek name; you can find it written both ways, because the spelling Manto seems to be closer to the Greek spelling, while Mando is the most common romanized version of the […]

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