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Ourania is a female Greek name, commonly found in many regions in Greece. Ourania comes from the name Ouranos, which…
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Rania is a female Greek name, which derives from the name Ourania. It is a rather common name in Greece,…
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Rea or Rhea

Rea or Rhea is a female Greek name; it is actually an ancient Greek name, quite common in the antiquity…
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female greek name Rena


Rena is a female Greek name which derives from the name Eirini. Rena is the most common dimunitive of Eirini…
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Romanos is a male Greek name. It is not very common, however you might find some men given the name…
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Roxanni is a Greek female name used in Greece since the antiquity. The Name Roxanni originates from Persia or Bactria;…
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