Adam is a male name which is not common in Greece in this form; however, its diminutives, nicknames and product names are more popular and common.

Adam is the Hebrew word for the man. It derives either from the Hebrew word “adam” which means to be red – referring to the color of the human body – or from the Akkadian word adamu which means “to make”.

Adam and Eve were, according to the Christian Religion, the first humans on earth, living in the Garden of Eden until Eve gave Adam a fruit from the forbidden tree.

Adam is not the name that many Greeks would choose, however, you will find Greeks bearing the name in this form as well, especially when it comes to more religious families.

male greek name adam

Sound of name Adam: A-thá-m

Female Version of name Adam: N/A

Nameday of Adam: Different date every year

Origin of name Adam – Adam the Ancestor of Man

As mentioned, name Adam refers to the first man on earth according to the scripts. God created man and named him Adam, making him the ancestor of all men. In Genesis it is explained that God named the man Adam because he was created from the ground.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Adam every year, at the second Sunday of December, therefore the date of the nameday is always different, depending on the year.

Name Adam is celebrated on the Day of the Holy Forefathers as it is called, along with several other names from the Scripts and Genesis, such as David, Iosif, Sossana and more.

Nicknames deriving from name Adam

As mentioned, name Adam is not that common in Greece in this form; however, some of its product names are more common: Adamantios, Diamantis and Adamas are quite popular.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Adam

Adam is a kind man, usually soft hearted and soft spoken. He likes having a large family and he is usually quite social, having lots of friends and people around him.

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