Aggela is a Greek female name, deriving from the name Aggeliki. It is a name given to children mostly in the Northern areas of the Greek mainland, although it is not uncommon to find it elsewhere as well. Deriving from the word Angeliki, Aggela is also associated with the Greek word “aggelos” which means messenger.

aggelaSound of name Aggela: A-ge’-la

Male Version of name Aggela: Aggelos

Nameday of name Aggela: November 8th

Origin of name Aggela –  The Archangels

As with the name Angeliki, Aggela also refers to the Archangels Gabriel and Michael. the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Archangels on November 8th, thus women named Aggela celebrate their nameday. Additional information on the Archangels can be found at the post for the main name, Aggeliki.

Nicknames  of the name Aggela

Aggela is the nickname deriving from Aggeliki,  the main name for women, which features numerous different versions and nicknames. Some of them are: Angela, Angelika,  Aggelo, Angelina, Antzi, Aggelikoula, Kiki, Gely, Kelly

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Aggela:

Aggela is a woman who loves arts and travelling. She is a great friend and she creates solid and loyal personal relationships. Aggela is usually a beautiful woman with a nice and friendly attitude.

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