Aleka is a commonly used female name in Greece, deriving from the name Alexandra. It is the female respective name of Alekos and both are given to Greek children both in the mainland and the islands of Greece. Since Aleka comes from the name Alexandra, it is also associated with the name Alexandros or Alexander, thus to someone who is unbeatable.

alekaSound of name Aleka: A-le’-ka

Male Version of name Aleka: Alekos

Nameday of name Aleka: August 30th

Origin of name Aleka – Agios Alexandros (St Alexander)

Although Aleka comes from the name Alexandra, associated with Alexandros and Alexander the Great for the Greeks,  the name for the Greek Orthodox Church is basically associated with Agios Alexandros or St Alexander in English. You can read more information about the history of the name Alexandros and the story of Saint Alexandros at the pertinent posts.

Nicknames deriving from the name Aleka

Name Aleka comes from the female name Alexandra  (or Aleksandra), which features a few diminutives and nicknames such as:  Alekaki, Alex, Alisa, Liza, Alexia, Lizi

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Aleka

Aleka is usually quite extroverted and open minded, with lots of friends and acquaintances. She is good at her job because she is very persistent, and she can earn respect and acceptance easily both in her family and work environment.

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