Alekos is a male Greek name, deriving from the name Alexandros. Opposite from Alexandros that is found in many other languages in different forms, such as Alexander, Aleksandar and more, Alekos is a name used only in Greece and Cyprus.

alekosSound of name Alekos: A-le’-kos

Female Version of name Alekos: Aleka

Nameday of name Alekos: August 30th

Origin of name Alekos

As Alekos is a name deriving from the name Alexandros, it is interesting to read more both about the history and the origin of name Alexandros. You can find information at the post for the name Alexandros, where you can find historical information about Alexander the Great, and Agios Alexandros (St Alexander, honored by the Greek Orthodox Church).

Nicknames deriving from the name Alekos

Alekos, as mentioned, is a nickname itself. Alexandros, the main name,  features a few nicknames and versions in Greece. The most common of them are: Alekos, Alex, Alexis, Alkis, Akis, Akos, Sakis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Alekos

Alekos is a likeable and social person; he is a brave man, he is not afraid to work hard and achieves most of the goals he sets. He lacks imagination but can succeed due to his strong will.

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