Alexios is a common male name in Greece, a derivative of name Alexis, which is the most popular and commonly used version of the name Alexios.

There is a common belief that name Alexios comes from the name Alexandros, however, these two names are actually different. Some men named Alexandros choose the diminutive Alexis, but in 90% of the cases, the original name of a man called Alexis is Alexios. If you meet someone and you want to be sure for the date of his nameday, just ask him!

Sound of name Alexis: A-lé- ksee-os

Female Version of name Alexios: Alexia

Nameday of Name Alexios: March 17th

Origin of name Alexios – Osios Alexios

For the Greek Orthodox Church name Alexios is associated with  a 5th-century Syrian blessed man who has been particularly venerated in the Eastern and Greek Church.

Alexios was born in Rome and received high religious education. During his youth he got married to a woman, but they both decided to remain chaste, to Alexios’ parents’ disapproval. Alexios had to leave and went to Syria where he studied the word of God and started helping people. He stayed in Syria for 17 years and then returned home but noone recognised him, till later when he was dying.

According to the Church Alexios was a Perfect,according to God, Man and thus is named Blessed. The Church celebrates his memory on March the 17th.

Nicknames deriving from name Alexios

Alexios doesn’t feature many nicknames and diminutives. The most common one is Alexis, and you can also find some men called Alexakos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Alexios

Alexios is a very courteous and well nurtured man, always gentle and attentif with people. Alexios doesn’t like arguing and always tries to help people find peace. He can be quite social.

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