Alkestis is a female Greek name, whose origins are found in the ancient Greek language and literature. It is not a very common name, although in urban centers you will definitely find it among the relatively common Ancient Greek names given to babies today.

Alkestis is a name known mostly due to the heroine of Euripides’ homonym play, Alkestis, a tragedy about a woman who sacrifices herself because of her husband.

Alkestis is one of the Greek names that do not have a nameday, because there is no association with some saint or martyr in the Greek orthodox calendar.

Sound of name Alkestis: Al-kee-stis

Male Version of name Alkestis: N/A

Nameday of name Alkestis: N/A

Nicknames deriving from name Alkestis

Alkestis, as most ancient Greek names doesn’t have any nicknames and diminutives and is used in its full form.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Alkestis

Alkestis is a very strong woman; she can achieve her goals and do what she wants when she sets the goal.

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