Alkis is a male Greek name which comes from the ancient years.

If you meet a man named Alkis, it means that his main name is either Alkiviadis or Alkinoos. In Greek it is easier to understand the difference, because name Alkis is written differently depending on the main name.

Alkis is spelled Άλκις in Greek when it derives from the name Alkinoos  and Άλκης when it comes from Alkiviadis. In Latin Alphabet, the name Alkis is spelled the same way regardless of the main name.

male greek name alkisSound of name Alkis: À –lkees

Female Version of name Alkis: Alki (not that common)

Nameday of name Alkis: When Alkis derives from name Alkiviadis the nameday of Alkis is August 16th. When it comes from the name Alkinoos it doesn’t have a nameday.

Origin of name Alkis – Agios Alkiviadis

When Alkis derives from name Alkiviadis, it is associated with Agios Alkiviadis. You can find relevant information at the pertinent post for the name Alkiviadis.

Nicknames deriving from the name Alkis

Alkis is a nickname itself, therefore it doesn’t feature any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Alkis

Alkis is a rather introverted man and doesn’t reveal much about his feelings but he is also a man who likes leading a life full of adventures and events. He enjoys a rich and good life.

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