Anastasios is a male Greek name, which means “resurrection”.

The name Anastasios derives from the Greek word anastasis, which literally means “standing up” and “resurrection”.

Anastasios is a rather common male name in Greece.

male greek name anastasios

Sound of name Anastasios: A-na-stá-see-os

Female Version of name Anastasios: Anastasia

Nameday of Anastasios: Easter day and January 22

Origin of name Anastasios – The Resurrection of Christ

Since name Anastasios derives from the Greek word anastasis, it is associated with the Resurrection of Christ as celebrated on Easter day in all the Christian world.

Therefore, name Anastasios celebrates its nameday on Easter day, which is a movable day each year.

However, in some cases, name Anastasios refers to Anastasios the Persian, whose memory is honored on January 22nd. You can read all the pertinent information about this name at the post for Tassos.

Nicknames deriving from name Anastasios

Anastasios has a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are Tasos, Anestis, Sakis, Anastasakis, Tasoulis, Anastas, Anastasis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Anastasios

Anastasios is a very clever and active person, and has an inclination towards arts and science. He also has the gift of speech, being very articulate. He can be the center of attention when he wishes to be, but can also be a very

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  1. I am so glad I found this information, my son is named Anastasios short Tasos, after his grandfather,
    In Greece we always celebrated his name day at Easter,
    But since we returned to UK, our local Church and others seemed to think I had it wrong and his name day was 22nd January and always write his name Tasso,
    I knew it was wrong but never had a good enough explanation to tell them the difference, now I have so thank you for clearing that up for us.
    V. Arounis


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