Anthimos is a male Greek name which derives from the Greek word “anthos” which means flower.

Anthimos is not a very common name among people in Greece, but it’s a rather common name among priests and religious followers.

male greek name anthimos

Sound of name Anthimos: Ánthee-mos

Female Version of name Anthimos: Anthimi

Nameday of Anthimos: September 3rd

Origin of name Anthimos – Agios Anthimos ( St Anthimos)

St Anthimos lived towards the end of the 3rd century AD and his homeland was Nikomidia. Since he was young he stood out due to hs faith.

As an adult, his life was an example of love and wisdom. His preaching was full of warmth and truth and always had an impact on the simple people who followed him.

His spiritual ability made the Christians of Nikomidia to persuade him to become a priest and later their bishop. However, when Diocletian became Emperor and started persecuting the Christians, St Anthimos was arrested.

Diocletian suggested him to become a pagan and save his life, but Anthimos said that he was not afraid of Diocletian’s threats and weapons, since he believed in the afterlife. Diocletian had his tortured and finally decapitated.

The Orthodox Church declared him a saint and celebrates the nameday of Anthimos on September 3rd.

Nicknames deriving from name Anthimos

Anthimos does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Anthimos

Anthimos is a very serious man, always dedicated to whatever he decides to do. He is always into studying and does not like entertainment venues that much.




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