Ariadni is a female Greek name, whose origins are found in Ancient Greece.

The ancient Greek name Ariadni (Ariadne, Αριάδνη in Greek) derives from the combination of words “ari” which means “a lot” and “adni” which is the same as “agni” and means pure. Ariadni is therefore the purest.

female greek name ariadni

Sound of name Ariadni: Ah-ree-á-dnee

Male Version of name Ariadni: N/A

Nameday of Ariadni: September 18th

Origin of name Ariadni – Agia Ariadni (St Ariadni)

Ariadni was a woman who lived during the years of reign of Adrian and Antoninus in Frigia. (117-139AD).

She was a servant who became Christian. When her master Tertilus found out he put pressure on her to become a pagan again.

However, Ariadni insisted on her Christian faith and it was impossible to convince her otherwise. Then she was brutally beaten and tortured and when she still refused, they scratched her flesh with metal nails. She left the house of her master to avoid things getting worse, but she fell from a cliff and died.

The Orthodox Church declared her a saint and celebrates the nameday of Ariadni on September 18th.

Ariadni in Greek Mythology

Ariadni is mostly known due to the Greek mythology, since she was the daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus kill the Minotaur and find his way out of the Labyrinth using a thread.

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Nicknames deriving from name Ariadni

Ariadni does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Ariadni

Ariadni is an intense woman that doesn’t go unnoticed. She loves traveling and she is a very creative person. She is ambitious and she can be very insecure when she does not have any money.

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