Aristarchos is a male Greek name coming from the Greek words “aristos” (best) and “archi” (source, origin).

Aristarchos is the name of a famous ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician.

Male Greek name Aristarchos

Sound of name Aristarchos: A-reé-sta-rchos

Female Version of name Aristarchos:  N/A

Nameday of Aristarchos: April 14 and September 27

Origin of name Aristarchos – Agios Aristarchos

Aristarchos was one of the Seventy Apostles, collaborators of Apostle Paul.

Aristarchos was, according to the Apostle Acts, from Macedonia and more specifically from the city of  Thessaloniki. Apostle Paul also mentiones that Aristarchos was a Jew and one of his closest collaborators.

We do not have other pieces of information about Aristarchos, except for the fact that during the persecutions of Nero (54-68AD) Aristarchos was decapitated due to his faith.

Aristarchos in Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, Aristarchos was a Greek astronomer and Mathematician from Samos. He is the first man who ever though of the helio-centric system, considering the Sun as the center of our universe, instead of the Earth that was considered the center until then.

Aristarchos suggested that the Earth turns around the Sun, because the Sun is bigger than the Earth; these ideas were completely radical for the time. This is why he is also known as the Greek Copernicus.

At that time, his ideas were considered inferior to the ones of Aristotle and Ptolemy, but 2,000 years later his fame and ideas were completely restored, given the necessary credit.

Nicknames deriving from name Aristarchos

Aristarchos has just a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Aris, Aristos, Aristas, Archos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Aristarchos

Aristarchos is a man who likes family and friends, but sets his profession and fame above them. He can be a very smart and imaginative man, always willing to create new things.

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