Asimina is a female Greek name which used to be quite popular in Greece. It derives from the Greek word “asimi”, which means silver in English.

Asimina is a name that was not in used during the ancient years, although it existed as a word that meant “the white, the pure”.

female greek name asimina

Sound of name Asimina: A-ssee-meé-na

Male Version of Asimina: Asimakis

Nameday of Asimina: February 3rd and April 30th

Origin of name Asimina

There is a huge controversy behind the name Asimina and its inclusion in the Greek Orthodox Calendar.

Name Asimina doesn’t actually exist for the Greek Orthodox Church. It refers to name Argyri, because the words asimi and argyros mean the same thing in Greek: silver. Therefore, name Asimina is celebrated on April 30th, the day of St Argyri.

However, there is a 2nd issue with this name – as well as its male respective Asimakis. Asimina and Asimakis were not recognized by the Church , because there is no Saint, martyr or Blessed person carrying the names Asimina or Asimakis.

For some years, especially during the 60s, if a Greek family wanted to baptize a child Asimina or Asimakis, the priest would give 2 names to the child: the one chosen by the parents and the name Simeon, as a “translation” of the names Asimina and Asimakis (although no actual relation there). This is why the nameday of Asimina is celebrated on February 3rd, the day of St Simeon.

Confused? Probably yes, but just keep in mind that until a few years ago, people named Asimina or Asimakis did not have a nameday. Now they have 2 namedays!

Nicknames deriving from name Asimina

Asimina has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Mina, Asimoula, Asimw, Anni, Assi.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Asimina

Asimina is a friendly and slightly naive woman, who enjoys the company of her friends, and doesn’t like being tormented by serious problems. She usually prefers looking at the bright side of life.

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