Athanasios or Athanassios is a popular Greek male name, found in both the islands and the Greek mainland. According to statistics, though, it is much more common in the Greek mainland, and more particularly in Central Greece. Athanasios is the main name, although you are most likely to meet men who use nicknames or diminutives of the main name, such as Thanassis or Thanos.

athanassiosSound of name Athanasios: A-tha-ná-see-os

Female Version of Name Athanasios: Athanasia

Nameday of name Athanasios: January 18th and May 2nd

Origin of name Athanasios – Athanasios the Great

Athanasios is a name associated with St Athanasios the Great, one of the most distinctive personalities in the Greek Orthodox church. You can read more information about the name Athanasios, its nameday and origin at the pertinent post for its main nickname, Thanassis.

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