Avgi is a female Greek name which derives from the homonym Greek word avgi which means the “dawn” or metaphorically the new beginning.

Avgi is an ancient Greek name and is associated with Auge, the mother of Telephus and one of Heracles wives.

female greek name avgi

Sound of name Avgi: Av-geé

Male Version of name Avgi: N/A

Nameday of Avgi: February 11th

Origin of name Avgi – The Seven Blessed Women

According to the Greek Orthodox Calendar the nameday of Avgi is on February 11th.

Avgi was one of the Seven Blessed Women. These women are associated with Saint Vlassios, which you can read here: Saint Vlassis .

The Seven Blessed women were seven followers of St Vlassios, who were astonished by his faith during the harsh treatment he got by the ruler of the city. The 7 women went also to ruler Agricolas and declared their faith in God as well. All seven women were decapitated for that reason. One of them was Avgi.

The memory of the marty Avgi is celebrated by the Christian Church on Febraury 11.

Avgi in Greek Mythology

In the Greek Mythology, Avgi was the daughter of Aleus and Neaera, and worked as a priestess of Goddess Athena in Tegea.

According to the myth, Avgi was one of the wives of Heracles and gave birth to their son Telephus. Aleus had received an oracle that he would be overthroned by his grandson, so Augi, hid the baby in Athena’s temple. Aleus discovered the baby, but Auge managed to secrete the child once more.

Telephus became the king of Mysia, in Asia Minor, where the Greeks landed on their way to Troy.

The Greek hero Achilles wounded Telephus in an ensuing scuffle. He was told by an Oracle that his wound could be cured only by the one who had inflicted it.

Telephus went to the Greek camp and sought out Achilles. Since another oracle had told Achilles that only Telephus could show him the way to Troy, Achilles obligingly scraped some rust from his spear into the wound of Telephus, curing him.

Despite the meaning of the name, Avgi should not be confused with Eos or Ios, who was the Deity of the dawn in ancient Greek mythology.

Nicknames deriving from name Avgi

Avgi has a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are: Avgoula, Avgitsa, Avgia

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Avgi

Avgi is a sensitive woman; she can be a little naive and fragile, but she is a woman who can take an excellent care of children, since she is a family oriented person.

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