Chrisanthi or Chrysanthi

Chrisanthi or Chrysanthi is a female Greek name, the respective of name Chrisanthos.

Chrysanthi also derives from the Greek words “chrysos” (χρυσός) and “anthi” (άνθη), which mean gold and flowers respectively.

The Greek spelling of Chrysanthi is Χρυσάνθη (the Greek letter “x” sounds like “ch”).

Sound of name Chrysanthi: Chree-sá-nthee

Male Version of name Chrysanthi: Chrisanthos

Nameday of Chrysanthi: March 19th and October 25th

Origin of name Chrysanthi

Chrysanthi has two namedays, one on March 19th and one on October 25th.

On March 19th the Greek Orthodox church celebrates the nameday of Chrysanthos, therefore, Chrysanthi, as its female respective name also celebrates her nameday.

However, some women choose to celebrate their nameday on October 25th, the day of Agia Chrysanthi (St Chrysanthi). Unfortunately, not much is known about the woman who was declared a saint by the Orthodox Church.

Her name is mentioned in several ecclesiastical books, along with the name of her husband, Chrysafios, but we still do not know much about her.

Nicknames deriving from name Chrysanthi

Chrysanthi has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Chrysa, Chrysoula, Anthi, Anthoula, Chryssi

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Chrysanthi

Chrysanthi is also a woman who does not like to get involved into fights and quarrels with other people. She is usually mild and tender, but sometimes she can be unfair trying to get things even for all.



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