Christina is a female Greek name, commonly found in all corners of the country, both in the islands and the mainland. Christina is the female respective of name Christos and the Greek version of the name Christine, found in many European languages and western countries. Same as Christos, Christina is mainly associated with Christ, although the etymology of the word refers to the ancient Greek word hrio, which means “to anoint”.

christinaSound of name Christina: Chree-stee’-na

Male Version of name Christina: Christos

Nameday of Name Christina: December 25th and July 24th

Origin of Name Christina – Jesus Christ and Martyr Christina

Although most people associate name Christina with Jesus Christ and celebrate the name day on December 25th (Christmas day), there are some Greek women that prefer to celebrate their name day on the 24th of July, when the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of  Martyr Christina.

Christina was the daughter of a pagan Roman officer. Her father figured out early that his daughter believed in Christianity and imprisoned her in a tower full of pagan idols, trying to persuade her to change her religion. Christina managed to sell all these precious items and raise money for the poor, infuriating her father, who tried to kill her. Christina was miraculously saved, but her Christian beliefs made her suffer more in the hands of the ruler of a new city where she ended up escaping her father.

The emperor Ioulianos killed Christina, who had managed to bring approximately 3,000 people to the new religion. The Church recognized Christina as a martyr, celebrating her memory on July 24th. Although women named Christina have the chance to celebrate their name day twice in a year, rarely will you find a woman doing so in Greece and the vast majority of Christinas celebrate their name day on Christmas day.

Nicknames deriving from name Christina

Name Christina has a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are: Christinaki, Christinio, Tina, Kristin, Kristi, Krista, Hrista, Christiana, Tiana

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Christina

Christina is a very well composed woman, always certain of her actions. She can persuade everyone that she knows what she is doing, even if she knows she is wrong. Same as Christos, Christina can be quite stubborn and self – centric person.

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