Christoforos or Hristoforos

Christoforos is a male Greek name which appeared in the Early Christian Years. The name means the one who bears Christ, and derives from the words “Christos” (Christ) and “phero” (to bear). The early Christians came up with this name to indicate metaphorically that they carry Christ in their hearts. During the Middle Ages, there were many interpretations for the name and its etymology.

The greek name Christoforos is the original name which gave birth to many Latin based versions, such as Christof or Christopher. Alternative spelling of Christoforos is Hristoforos, which is closer to the sound of name in Greek.

christoforos or hristoforos male greek nameSound of Name Christoforos: (C)hree-stó- fo-ros

Female Version of name Christoforos: Christoforia (not much in use)

Nameday of Christoforos: May 9th

Origin of name Christoforos – Agios Christoforos (St Christoforos)

The nameday of name Christoforos is on May the 9th; on that day, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of a martyr, Agios Christoforos, a man who lived during the reign of emperor Dekius.

His original name was Reprovos and he was very ugly; that much that he was arrested since he was coming from a group of cannibals. While in Roman Prisons, Reprovos was taught the Christian religion and became a very religious man, changing his name to Christoforos.

This man was very ugly, but with good heart and intentions. One day he saw some pagans beating Christians and he supported the Christians; the pagans were scared and charged him with accusations of attack. He managed to escape and soldiers were sent after him.

He was arrested several days later by the hungry and tired soldiers and then he performed a miracle, feeding all the soldiers with just one piece of bread. All soldiers became Christians, but the Emperor was infuriated, therefore killed Christoforos who was declared a martyr and Saint.

St Christoforos is the patron Saint of the travelers in Greece and many other European countries.

Nicknames deriving from name Christoforos

Christoforos has a few nicknames and diminutives such as, Charis or Haris, Chris, Foris, Christoforas, Christofis, Akis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Christoforos

Christoforos is a very dependable man, always committed to what he chooses. He doesn’t like doing many things at once, but if he takes over one task, you can be certain that he will complete it successfully.

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