Danai is a female Greek name, whose roots are found in the very same origins of the Greek nation as well. Danai comes from the Greek word “Danaoi”, the one of the three tribes that compound the Greek nation in the early ancient years, along with the Achaean and Iones. Danaoi is a word used by Homer first, who wanted to designate the Greeks as one nation when describing the facts and events of the Trojan War, and is the name of the tribe that established itself in the Peloponnese.

Sound danaiof Name Danai: Da-ná-ee

Male Version of name Danai: Daniel

Nameday of name Danai: December 17th

Origin of name Danai – Agios Daniil – Saint Daniel

We already mentioned the etymology of the name, but why do we celebrate the name Danai? And where does it refer to? First of all we have to say that Danai as a name, and not as a word of the Greek language, was first used in the ancient years.

Danai was a woman, who according to the Greek mythology, was beautiful and charming, thus, mighty Zeus fell inlove with her. Her father put her in prison, in order to protect her from the Gods, because of an omen he had received, but Zeus transformed himself into rain and fell in the prison where Danai was held and made love to her. The result of this intercourse was Perseus, the renowned hero who killed Medusa.

Although the name Danai is ancient, the Greek Orthodox Church recognizes it as a Christian name; according to the Calendar, name Danai is the female respective of the name  Daniel.

Daniel was a Hebrew prophet; we learn about his life and his story from the Book of Daniel included in the Bible – Old Testament. Daniel lived  in Babylon, and he was a servant at the court of the king. He managed to earn prominence and the King’s favor interpreting his dreams.  According to the Bible, Daniil was the one who had four visions for the  end of the world. His memory is celebrated on December 17th, and Danai also celebrates her nameday then.

Nicknames deriving from the name Danai

Danai doesn’t have any known or popular nicknames and diminutives deriving from the full name.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Danai

Danai is a strong woman but quite sensitive. She is pretty much attached to her family and friends and she can be very creative person if found at the right environment.

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  1. Danai is also an African name of the Shona language. It means to call Love.
    With Dana being the verb to call and Dananai being the verb to love one another

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