Dimitrios is a male name in Greece; it is one of the most common Greek names, quite popular in Northern Greece and mostly in Thessaloniki and nearby areas. Dimitrios is a name deriving from the  female name Demeter (associated with Goddess Demeter in the ancient years), referring to the one born from the earth.

greek name dimitriosSound of name Dimitrios: Dee – meé-tree-os

Female Version of Name Dimitrios: Dimitra

Nameday of Name Dimitrios: October 26th

Origin of Name Dimitrios – Agios Dimitrios, Saint Demetrius

Although the name Dimitrios refers to an ancient Greek word, the Christian name Dimitrios is given to men today as an honor to Agios Dimitrios, or Saint Demetrius, a Christian martyr  that lived in the early 4th century AD.

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