Dimitris is a very common Greek male name, deriving from name Dimitrios, the Greek version of the name Demetrius. Dimitrios is a name that comes from the female name Demeter (Goddess Dimitra is the most known since the antiquity). Demeter derives from the Greek words Gi (Gaia) and Mitra (Mother). The name Dimitrios or Dimitris refers to the one born from mother earth.

dimitrisSound of Name Dimitris: Di-mi’-tris

Nameday of Name Dimitris: October 26th

Female Version of Name Dimitris: Dimitra

Origin of Name Dimitris – Saint Demetrius

Although the name Dimitris – Dimitrios exists since the antiquity, the Christian name Dimitrios is given to individuals today honoring Saint Dimitrios (Agios Dimitrios), or Saint Demetrius as he is mostly known in Latin, a martyr of Christianity that lived in the early 4th century AD.

Demetrius lived during the reign of Emperor Diocletian who was a big prosecutor of the Christian religion. Demetrius was a known member of the society in Thessaloniki, where he was born and lived, and he was Duke of the City.

He had dedicated his life to the Christian Religion and although the Emperor had threatened him to stop, he disobeyed the orders. One of the Generals of Diocletian, Galerius Maximal learned about the actions of Demetrius he had him arrested and brought to him. Demetrius, once more did not reject his faith and he was imprisoned. After several events associated with Demetrius, Maximal had him capsized due to his faith and his influence on other people of Thessaloniki and Byzantium.

The Church honored his memory naming him a Martyr and Saint. Saint Demetrius (Agios Dimitrios)  is the protector – Saint of Thessaloniki and the 26th of October is an official feast day in the city.

Nicknames Deriving from Name Dimitris – Dimitrios

Dimitris is the most common name that derives from name Dimitrios, however there are several more nicknames: Dimis, Jim, Jimmis, Dimitrakis, Takis, Mitsos, Mitsaras, Dimos, Jimakos, Mitros, Dimitros, Mimis, Mitsakos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Dimitris

Stubborn and quite demanding, Dimitris is not an easy person to live with, because he cannot be easily satisfied. He is a good friend though and loves hanging out with friends, but her can easily be influenced by others.

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  1. It’s so interesting to watch and hear those ancient names still in use. When I was in Greece for the first time it struck me that there are still people called Socrates (Sokratis) and Ifigenia!


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