Dimos or Demos

Dimos or Demos is a male Greek name which comes from the ancient years.

Dimos in ancient Greek means “people”; this is why we are talking about “democracy”and in modern Greek it also means “municipality”.

male greek name dimos

Sound of name Dimos: Dee-mos

Female Version of name Dimos: N/A

Nameday of Dimos: April 10th

Origin of name Dimos

Dimos was a very beautiful man who lived in Athens during the 3rd century BC. Plato writes a few things about him in his book called “Gorgias”.

For the Greek Orthodox church Dimos is a man who lived in Adrianoupolis and worked as a fisherman. He had trouble with the Turk owner of a fish shop, who said that Dimos accepted to become a Turk.

Dimos refused that and was brought to the ruler of the city and again remained faithful to his beliefs. Dimos was put to prison and he was brutally tortured.

On April 10th 1763 he was condemned to death by decapitation. The corps of the young man was buried in the Temple of St George in Smyrne, and his tomb became a place of Pilgrim for the Christians.

The Church declared him a neo-martyr and celebrates the nameday of Dimos on April 10.

Nicknames deriving from name Dimos

Dimos does not have nicknames or diminutives. It should be denoted that Dimos is also a nickname of name Dimosthenis, therefore, if you meet a man with this name you should probably ask him when his nameday is.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Dimos

Dimos is a very cute and nice man. He is very kindhearted and  soft spoken. Dimos is fond of women,  and he is much into love and sex. He adored music.

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