Efstathios is a Greek male name which is quite common in the Greek mainland and the islands. Efstathios is a name deriving from a compound Greek word: the word “ef” which means good and the word “stathis” which means the one who stands.  Therefore, the name Efstathios means well-built, stable.

greek male name efstathios

Sound of name Efstathios: Ef-stá-thee-os

Female Version of name Efstathios: Efstathia

Nameday of Efstathios: September 20th

Origin of name Efstathios – Agios Efstathios (St Efstathios)

Efstathios was a Roman soldier who lived during the reign of Emperor Trianus. His name was Plakidas. One day he was hunting for deers when he saw one having a cross on his head. He heard a voice calling him to adopt the Christian religion.  He believed in God and was baptized a Christian named Efstathios. His name also adopted the religion and took the name Theopisti.

When the Emperor found out about Efstathios he removed him from his position in the Roman army and he sent him to exile. When Trianus got into serious troubles with the enemies of Rome he called Efstathios back, knowing that he was a very competent soldier. Efstathios indeed helped him and his position was restored. When Hadrian became the Emperor of Rome, he asked Efstathios to pray to the pagan symbols again, but he denied. Efstathios and his family were tortured to death. The Greek Orthodox Church declared both him and his wife saints, celebrating Efstathios nameday on September 20th.

Nicknames deriving from the name Efstathios

Efstathios has a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common is Stathis. Other diminutives are: Stathakos, Stathas, Akis, Akos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Efstathios

Efstathios is a strong and tender man. He enjoys material life, and he is can be very successful when he has the help and support of his friends.

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