Efterpi or Euterpe

Efterpi or Euterpe is a female Greek name from the words “ef” and “terpo”, which mean “good” and “give pleasure”.

Therefore, Efterpi is the one who gives great pleasure to the others. Efterpe is an ancient Greek name found in the Greek mythology.

female greek name efterpi

Sound of name Efterpi: Ef-tér-pee

Male Version of name Efterpi: N/A

Nameday of Efterpi: September 1st

Origin of name Efterpi – 40 Virgins

Although the name Efterpi comes from the ancient years, the Greek orthodox Church has included it in the Orthodox Calendar, due to a woman named Efterpi, who lived in Thrace during the reign of Licinius.

Efterpi was one of the 40 Virgins who were decapitated by Licinius, because they were faithful students of a Christian teacher, named Ammon.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the 40 Virgins, and thus, the nameday of Efterpi on September 1st.

Euterpe in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Euterpe was one of the nine muses in Greek Mythology, who were originally the deities of springs, later designated as goddesses of various human arts.

In later Greek myths, the Muses were the daughters of God Zeus and Mnemosyne. The Muses sang and danced, led by the god Apollo, at celebrations given by the gods and heroes.

The Muses were the personifications of the highest aspirations and intellectual minds and represented a remarkable and attractive conception in Greek mythology. Their separation into fields of inspiration was a Roman fancy of a later date. The word museum denotes a place of education and research, named after them.

Euterpe was the muse of music, also known as the Giver of Pleasure. During the classical period she was named Muse of lyric poetry and was depicted holding a flute. There is  an opinion that Euterpe invented the flute and double flute.

The River God Strymonas gave her a child, Risos, who was killed in Troy by Diomidis.

Nicknames deriving from name Efterpi

Name Efterpi has just a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are Efi, Terpi, Eri.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Efterpi

Efterpi is a woman who likes getting involved in many things. Although most of the times she is interested in creating a family, she will rarely stay at home doing just that, since she likes spending time in learning and practicing new things.

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