Efthimia is a female Greek name, the female respective of name Efthimios.

Efthimia also derives from a Greek noun, the word “efthimia“, which means the good mood.

The name Efthimia is also relatively common in Greece, especially in the mainland of the country.

female greek name efthimia

Sound of name Efthimia: E-fthee-meé-a

Male Version of name Efthimia: Efthimios

Nameday of Efthimia: January 20th

Origin of name Efthimia – Osios Efthimios

Since name Efthimia is the female respective of Efthimios, it is also associated with Osios Efthimios (Blessed Efthimios).

You can read more about the story of this holy man at the pertinent post for name Efthimios.

Nicknames deriving from name Efthimia

Efthimia has a few nicknames and diminutives. Some of them are: Efthimo, Efthimoula, Efthimi, Thema

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Efthimia

Although Efthimia should be a happy woman, she is mostly rigid and temperamental. She can be harsh at times and she is relatively anti social.

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