Efthimios is a male Greek name which derives from the Greek word “efthimos” , meaning the one in a good mood.

Efthimios is a relatively common name in Greece, especially in the Central Greece and mainland.

male greek name efthimios

Sound of name Efthimios: E-ftheé-mee-os

Female Version of name Efthimios: Efthimia

Nameday of Efthimios: January 20th

Origin of name Efthimios – Osios Efthimios (Blessed Efthimios)

Efthimios was born in Armenia in 377AD from a noble family. His parents had their child at a late age and dedicated him to God, naming him Efthimios, because his birth made them happy.

At the age of 3, Efthimios lost his father and his mother gave him to Bishop Eftroio who taught him to become a member of the Church.

Efthimios went to Jerusalem and became a monk, living in a cave. He was so virtuous that many people who met him later became Christians because of him. His great spiritual charisma made him famous and became an Abbot. His preaching resulted in bringing many heretics back to Christianity.

Efthimios was also known to perform many miracles and many Christians were visiting him at his cell to ask to heal them or perform a miracle and save them.

Efthimios died peacefully at the age of 97 and was declared a Blessed ( Osios). The nameday of Efthimios is celebrated on January 20th.

Nicknames deriving from name Efthimios

Efthimios has a few  nicknames and diminutives, and some of them are quite common. The most known ones are : Thimios, Themis, Makis,  Fthimis, Efthimis, Akis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Efthimios

Efthimios is a noble and warm hearted person. He is always willing to help other people and sets the others as a priority.

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