Elissavet is a female name used a lot in Greece, despite the fact that it is actually a foreign name. Elissavet is the Greek respective of Elizabeth and comes from the Hebrew word Eliseva which means “dedicated to God”.

elisavetSound of name Elissavet: E-lee-ssa’-vet

Male version of name Elissavet: N/A

Nameday of name Elissavet: April 24th

Origin of name Elissavet

Name Elissavet is first of all a Hebrew name. Its original form appears in the Old Testament where Eliseva or Elisheba as it is written in the original form, was Aaron’s wife. However, the Greek form also appeared in the New Testament where Elissavet is the mother of Saint John the Baptist. This is the person celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church on the 24th day of April. However, there is also Saint Elissavet, the Saint celebrated in the Russian Orthodox Church, a woman of significant importance for the Russians, also known as Saint martyr Elisabeth, the Grand Duchess of Russia. Although confusing, this is not the person celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church.

Nicknames deriving from Name Elissavet

Elissavet features a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Liza, Eliza, Lizeta, Zeta, Elli, Veta, Elissaveta, Lizaki, Lizi.

The names’ Fairy reveals about the Name Elissavet

Elissavet is a very powerful person, and has the ability to control her feelings completely. She can be sort of dominant towards other people, but she is a kind and nice person and quite fair. She has a trouble getting rid of problems from her past.

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