Emanouella or Emmanouella

Emanouella or Emmanouella is a Greek female name, the Greek respective of name Emmanouil. It also derives from the Hebrew word Immanouel and is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church on December 25th and 26th, as its male version. Emanouella is not as common as its male respective name and is usually found in the islands and Crete.

emanouellaSound of name Emanouella: E-ma-noo-e’l-la

Male version of name Emanouella: Emmanouil

Nameday of name Emanouella: December 25th and December 26th

Origin of Name Emanouella

Name Emanouella comes from the name Immanouil. Additional information on the name and its origin can be found at the post for name Manolis.

Nicknames deriving from name Emanouella

Emanouella has a few common nicknames and diminutives, such as Manuela, Emma, Manola, Manolitsa, Litsa, Lia, Ella

The Names’ Fairy reveals for name Emanouella

Emanouella can be very eccentric and is hard to live with sometimes. She likes nice things and she is always into elegant and luxurious things. Emanouella likes being liked.

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