Emmanouil is a male Greek name, deriving from the Hebrew word Immanuel, which means ” God is with us”. The name Immanouil was used as the ¬†foretold name of Messiah in the Old Testament. Emmanouil or Emmanuel in English is a rather common name both for the Orthodox Church and the Anglican Tradition. Name Emmanouil and Manolis, which is the most common diminutive, are very common names in the island of Crete.

emmanouilSound of name Emmanouil: Em-ma-noo-ee’l

Female Version of name Emmanouil: Emanouella

Nameday of name Emmanouil: December 25th and December 26th. There is a rare occasion here, as the men named Emmanouil or Manolis from Crete celebrate their nameday on December 25th (along with Christos and Christina), while in the rest of the country they celebrate their nameday on December 26th.

Origin of name Emmanouil

Name Emmanouil comes from the word Immanouil, as mentioned before; the Greek Orthodox Church officially celebrates the name on Demeber 26th, because this is the day mentioned by Isaiah and Mathew in their epistles . Additional information on the name Emmanouil can be found at the post for name Manolis.

Nicknames deriving from name Emmanouil

Emmanouild features a few diminutives and nicknames, such as Manolis, Manos,  Manousos, Manousakis, Manolios, Manolas, Manolakis, Manousaki, Manouil, Manouel

The Names’ Fairy reveals for name Emmanouil

Emmanouil is a moody person, changing his behavior easily; he can be affected by many reasons and factors. He is very social when he wants, but he can also be very shy and introverted at the same time.

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