Erasmia is a female Greek name, whose origins are found in Ancient Greece.

Erasmia derived from Greek word ερασμιος (erasmios) meaning “beloved”.

female Greek name erasmia

Sound of name Erasmios: E-ra-smeé-a

Male Version of Erasmia: Erasmos

Nameday of Erasmia: September 1st

Origin of name Erasmia – The 40 Virgins

Erasmia is an ancient Greek name, which became more common in the Christian years.

The Greek name Erasmia refers to one of the 40 virgins that were brutally murdered by Licinius, the ruler of Thrace.

The 40 Virgins, among which was Erasmia, were tortured and murdered as the ruler wanted to punish their teacher Ammon, who was not willing to become a pagan.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the 40 Virgins (40 Parthenes) and thus the nameday of Erasmia on September 1st.

Nickames deriving from name Erasmia

Erasmia does not have many nicknames and diminutives; the only ones you can find are Eri, Mia, Sia, Eroula

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Erasmia

Erasmia is a fierce woman who likes having things under control. She can be very oppressing from times to times, especially if she feels that things are not under her control.

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