Ermioni or Hermione

Ermioni or Hermione is a female Greek name which originates from the ancient years.

The name Ermioni derives from the name Ermis and means ” the one who carries the beauty of Ermis”.

Sound of name Ermioni: Er-mee-ó-neeh

Male Version of name Ermioni: Ermionas (not in use in modern Greek)

Nameday of Ermioni: September 4th

Origin of name Ermioni – Agia Ermioni (St Ermioni)

Although Ermioni is an ancient Greek name, it is included in the Orthodox calendar. According to the Church tradition, Ermioni was one of the four daughters of apostle Philip and had the charisma of prophecy.

When she went to Ephesus with her sister to meet St John, she found instead his student Petronius, who taught her the gospels.

It is said that once, Emperor Traianus passed by Ephesus going to fight the Persians and heard about Ermioni’s charisma. She told him that he would beat the Persians, but his brother in law Hadrian would become the Emperor. Indeed that is what happened.

Since the prophecy came true, Traianus had Ermioni tortured. He gave her to the soldiers to kill her, but they believed in Christ and set her free. Ermioni died peacefully many years later and was buried in Ephesus.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Ermioni on September 4th.

Ermioni in Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, Ermioni was the daughter of Menelaus and Helen (of Troy).

Menelaus promised his daughter in marriage twice, first to Orestis, before the Trojan War, and then to Neoptolemus, when they were at Troy. When the Trojan war was over, Neoptolemus came to Sparta, and demanded Ermioni from Menelaus. Since Orestis was not present or capable to marry Ermioni at the time,  Menelaus decided to honour the promise he had made at Troy.

Later, according to the myth, Orestis came back home and killed Neoptolemus taking Ermioni as his wife.

Nicknames deriving from name Ermioni

Ermioni does not have many nicknames or diminutives. The only diminutives you might hear are Ermi, Io, Ioni, but in general they are not much in use.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Ermioni

Ermioni is a woman who loves the arts. She is usually much into music, and she is an optimistic and extroverted person.

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