Evlampia is a female Greek name, which is not that common today.

Evlampia derives from the Greek words “ev” and “lampo” which mean “good” and “shine”, therefore the name translates to the “all shiny”.

Sound of name Evlampia: E-la-mpeé-a

Male Version of Evlampia: Evlampios

Nameday of Evlampia: October 10th

Origin of name Evlampia – Agia Evlampia (St Evlampia)

Evlampia was a woman who lived in the years of the Emperor Maximianus. During these years the persecutions against the Christians were ferocious.

Evlampia and her brother Evlampios were Christians, and so they were hiding along with other Christians on the mountains. They lived there studying the scripts.

One day, Evlampios went to Nikomidia to buy food. The pagans of the city recognized him right away and had him arrested. When the local ruler asked him if he is a Christian he said that he was indeed a Christian, so they put him in a pagan temple, ordering him to sacrifice to the pagan statue of god Ares.

His sister Evlampia entered the temple and saw her brother; she asked God to let her suffer along with him, and the pagans put them both in a huge pot with boiling water.

The story says that the boiling water did no harm to the siblings that came out alive. Due to this event 200 pagans started believing in Christ, but they were all decapitated along with Evlampia and Evlampios due to their faith.

Both Evlampia and Evlampios were declared saints and the Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Evlampia on October 10th.

Nicknames deriving from name Evlampia

Evlampia has a few nicknames and diminutives; the most common ones are: Lampi, Evlampo, Lampia, Lampina, Lampo

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Evlampia

Evlampia is a serious and thoughtful person, with a keen interest in philosophy, arts and sciences. She is monogamous and pays a lot of attention to the institution of family.

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