Famous Greeks by name Nikos

Nikos is one of the most common names in Greece; it ranks third, after Giorgos and Giannis, and just before Dimitris.

There are many famous Greeks by name Nikos and Nikolaos (whose diminutive is Nikos).

Let’s see a list with famous Greeks by name Nikos.

  • Nikos Gatsos: famous Greek poet and lyricwriter
  • Nikos Kazantzakis: one of the most notable Greek authors
  • Nikos Kavvadias: Greek poet
  • Nikos Eggonopoulos: Greek painter
  • Nikos Karouzos: Greek poet
  • Nikolaos Mantzaros: Greek composer, composed the Greek National Anthem
  • Nikos Ksilouris: Greek singer
  • Nikos Kourkoulos: Greek actor
  • Nikos Kypourgos: Greek composer
  • Nikos Galis: the most famous Greek basketball player
  • Nikos Christodoulakis: Greek politician
  • Nikos Papandreou: Greek author
  • Nikos Chatzinikolaou: Greek journalist and anchorman
  • Nikos Bakolas: Greek author and poet
  • Nikos Amarantos: Greek hairdresser and stylist
  • Nikos Chasapopoulos: Greek journalist
  • Nikos Sarantakos: Greek journalist
  • Nikos Vertis: Greek singer
  • Nikos Oikonomopoulos: Greek singer
  • Nikos Mouratidis: Greek music and radio producer
  • Nikos Mastorakis: Greek journalist and music producer
  • Nikos Papazoglou: Greek singer
  • Nikos Sifounakis: Greek politician
  • Nikos Dabizas: Greek football player
  • Nikos Kanteres: Greek meteorologist
  • Nikos Androulakis: Greek politician and author
  • Nikos Portokaloglou: Greek singer
  • Nikos Ziogalas: Greek singer and composer
  • Nikos Mamangakis: Greek composer
  • Nikos Koundouros: Greek director
  • Nikos Ksanthopoulos: Greek actor
  • Nikos Ksydakis: Greek composer
  • Nikos Aliagas: Greek journalist working in French TV
  • Nikos Chountis: Greek politician
  • Nikos Oikonomopoulos: Greek photographer
  • Nikos Themelis : Greek author

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