Famous Greeks named Vasilis or Vasilios

Famous Greeks named Vasilis are the first to receive wishes and Chronia Polla on the first day of the year, since name Vasilis (or Vasilios) celebrates its nameday on January 1st.

Here we are presenting a list of famous Greeks named Vasilis or Vasilios, who have exceled in their field.

Famous Greeks named Vasilis or Vassilios

Agios Vasilis: St Basil, the Greek Santa Claus
Vasilis Papakonstantinou: Greek singer
Vasilis Tsitsanis: Famous Greek composer
Vasilis Kazoulis: Greek singer
Vasilis Spanoulis: Greek basketball player
Vasilis Skountis: Greek journalist
Vasilis Tsampropoulos: Greek singer
Vasilis Karras: Greek singer
Vasilis Lambropoulos: Greek journalist
Vasilis Dioskouridis: Greek author and philosopher
Vasilis Kontogiannopoulos: Greek politician
Vasilis Michaloliakos: Greek politician
Sir Vasilios Markezinis: Greek academic and author
Vasilis Dimitriou: Greek composer
Vasilis Filias: Greek sociologist and philosopher
Vasilis Papageorgopoulos: Greek athlete and politician
Vasilis Logothetidis: Greek actor
Vasilis Kikilias: Greek athlete and politician
Vasilis Avlonitis: Greek actor
Vasilis Vassilikos: Greek author and journalist
Vasilis Rotas: Greek author
Vasilis Chalakatevakis: Greek actor

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In Greek, the English letter V is B, but on our site we always write Vasilis instead of Basilis. This is why: Greek names starting with B or X

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