Famous Greeks named Anna

How many famous Greeks named Anna can you think of?

Although Anna is a relatively common female name in Greece, there are not so many famous Greeks named Anna – at least not as many as you would probably expect.

Here we are presenting the most known Greek people with this name, along with a short description of their occupation.

Famous Greeks named Anna

  • Anna Vissi: famous Greek singer
  • Anna Verouli: Greek athlete and former World recordwoman in Javelin
  • Anna Panagiotarea: Greek journalist
  • Anna Diamantopoulou: Greek politician, current minister of Education
  • Anna Ntalara:marketing manager and politician, wife of Giorgos Ntalaras, the famous singer
  • Anna Vagena: Greek actress
  • Anna Goulandri: Greek benefactor, establisher of the Goulandri Institution and Museum
  • Anna Kalouta: Greek actress
  • Anna Emmanouil: Greek actress
  • Anna Kyriakou: Greek actress
  • Anna Kouri: Greek actress
  • Anna Panagiotopoulou: Greek actress and director
  • Anna Sikelianou: wife of the poet Aggelos Sikelianos
  • Anna Synodinou: Greek actress
  • Anna Komnini: member of the Byzantine dynasty of the Komninos Family
  • Anna Chatzisofia: Greek actress
  • Anna Fonsou: Greek actress
  • Anna Maria Glyxbourg: former Queen of Greece, wife of Konstantine, former King of Greece.

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