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If you have been to Greece at least once, you have probably figured out already which are the most common Female Greek names.

You have met at least two Marias – or even more – you have had coffee with a woman named Eleni, or you have been served in a restaurant or coffee shop by a woman named Katerina.

It is necessary to say that in Greece it is a strong tradition to name a girl after the name of her grandmother – in most cases, the firstborn girl is given the name of her father’s mother.

So which are the most common female names in Greece?

greek womenAccording to the statistics and researches, the most common female Greek name is undoubtedly Maria. This fact has a simple explanation; for the Greeks the figure of Virgin Mary is very important and beloved, and is associated with many miracles and fortunate events in the Greek history and everyday life. It comes, thus, as no surprise that the Greeks tend to give to their female children the name Maria, commemorating the mother of Christ. For many people the name Maria is also a lucky one, or has a positive aura and feeling, so they prefer giving their child this name in order to provide a positive boost – if such a thing could be said.

The female name Eleni is also a very common name in Greece. Associated with Agia Eleni (St Helen), the Greek female name Eleni is considered a nice and cute name to give to a baby girl. Of course, the place of birth is also of significant importance when it comes to the choice of the given name, and this is something that definitely affects the popularity of certain names. For instance, name Eleni is very common in the Greek mainland, and in Northern Parts of the country, but not that common in the Cyclades Islands.

Some unofficial statistics published a few years ago, show that in Athens, the most common names are Maria, Eleni, Katerina, Georgia, Anna. In Thessaloniki (Salonica), the second biggest city in Greece, the most common names are Maria, Dimitra, Eleni, Soussana, names associated with Saints protectors of the nearby regions, or Saints known to have performed miracles in these areas.

Origin of Greek female names

We could say in general that female Greek names given to girls are mostly connected and associated with patron Saints, although the last few years giving ancient Greek names has become quite popular and common. Names such as Electra, Antigone, Aspasia, Io, Atalanti and many more were names famous and popular in ancient Greece, regaining their position and popularity in modern Greece as well. Although the Greek Orthodox Church has a hard time accepting the extensive use of ancient Greek names, people seem to be discovering the beauty and charm of those names and give them to their children; it is actually not uncommon at all to see compound names, or girls bearing two names such as Eleni – Electra, or Maria – Phaidra ( both an Orthodox and an ancient Greek name).

Nowadays, there is some sort of freedom in choosing baby female names and although Greeks are quite traditional people in general, they tend to break the knots with the strict letter of the tradition when they like some names, or dislike some others. Still, some Greek female names are more common, but today there is a larger and wider range of given names you can see in Greece.

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  1. Hello, If possible, I would like to know if these names are used in Grecce:
    Vivian and its variations
    Evelyn and its variations
    Alice and its variations

    And I also heard that Pamela is a common name in Greece, is it true?

  2. Im looking for a female name that means defender of the earth/people. I really need y’alls help since I have no clue where else I should ask.

  3. great list!
    I am looking into choosing a Greek name for my adult baptism. Is this name always a saint name?
    I am leaning towards Catherine / Katerina as it was my father’s mother’s name.

    • Katerina is a beautiful Greek name for women.
      You may also consider Elena, Anastasia, Elle, etc.
      All Greek names refer to a saint or an Ancient Greek god or goddess.


  4. I am an American and have a daughter named Hera Calista. I am wondering if Hera is a popular name in Greece?
    It’s extremely unusual in the States–I’ve never met or heard of another Hera here.

  5. Can’t find a greek female name that means hidden or secret that isn’t Leto. Don’t care if it is another version of Leto.
    Can anybody help me?!

  6. I think Rhea is a great name too! I’ve heard Penelope is of Greek origin, is it true? I personally think it’s a pretty nice name and I want to know where it comes from.

    • Penelope is indeed of Greek origin, actually she was Odysseus’ faithful wife, waiting for him for 20 years to return to Ithaca.

  7. I can’t speak for anyone else’s family, but my husband’s Greek cousins favor “Sophia” an awful lot as a family name for girls. That, and Antigone…

  8. Thinking of a baby girl name and was wondering whether Sappho is used at all in Greece nowadays. Does it sound too wierd? Thanks.

    • Actually Greeks have again a tendency to give ancient Greek names to their children today.. Personally I know three Sapphos! I think it’s a beautiful name.

  9. Your blog is fantastic. It’s like going directly to the source. I’m curious about the name Rallou (Ραλλού), and also Cleïs (which I read somewhere was Sappho’s daughter). On behalf of the world, thanks for your blog!

  10. Hello. I just wanted to let you know that you missed my name.


    I was named after my grandma (we call her Froso), I go by Frances in English and Frosina or Efrosina in greek by my family.

    I have also recently met a Roseanne with the same greek name as me. We both live in Toronto Canada.

    Maybe you could add that name to your list?

  11. My great grandmother was called ACROVE, but I do not know if this is the correct spelling – can someone enlighten me. Her father was greek and from Ithika.

    • Well, kallipygian means “person with lovely buttocks” if I recall correct. I would find that a bit too humoristic for a name.

    • Hi John,
      take a look at the right side of the pages on this site for “Find Greek names by letter”.
      Click on letter V and you will find out that there are several Greek names like Vassiliki, Vaso, etc.

  12. I am curious about the name Rhea. Is this name at all common in Greece? Or does it carry too much mythological significance? Would this be considered a distasteful name?

    • No, Rhea or Rea in Greek is not uncommon. I personally know 3 women named Rea 🙂
      I think it’s a pretty name and since there is a tendency to choose Greek Ancient Names, that is also a nice name for a girl.

    • Why a distasteful name?? It’s wonderful. It’s ancient, but it also occurs (a bit scarcely) among modern Greek women. “Rhea” comes from the word “ροή” (rhoe), a word common in ancient and modern Greek language. It means “flow”, a meaning related to the mythological “Rhea” who gave birth to many of the ancient gods, because she could give birth easily, without any problems. I would call again this name WONDERFUL. Let’s put some classic beauty in our lives!

      • I agree 100% with “Macedon Greek”. Rhea or Rea sounds wonderful and it is a beautiful female ancient Greek name.


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