Filaretos is a male Greek name which derives from the Greek words “filos” and “Areti“, which mean friend and virtue¬†respectively. Therefore, name Filaretos translates to the virtuous and merciful person.

Filaretos is not a very common name, but it used to be in the early Christian years and is still used by priests and men of the Church.

male Greek name Filaretos

Sound of name Filaretos: Fee-l√°-re-tos

Female Version of name Filaretos: Filareti

Nameday of Filaretos: December 1st

Origin of name Filaretos – Agios Filaretos (St Filaretos)

Name Filaretos is associated with a man named Filaretos who lived in Paflagonia during the 8th century AD.

Filaretos got married with a woman named Theosevo and had 3 children. He was a farmer and was giving money away to the poor people.

Filaretos lost all his money but he was such a patient man that he continued to work with the poor people. According to the scripts, God who was feeling sorry for Filaretos arranged it this way so that the son of the Queen Irene, Konstantinos fell in love with Maria, the god daughter of Filaretos.

The two young persons got married and Filaretos became wealthy again. He started giving away money to the poor, helping many families.

Some time before he died called his relatives and told them not to forget about hospitality, not to desire other people’s things and always help the poor people.

The Greek Orthodox Church declared him a saint and celebrates his nameday on December 1st.

Nicknames deriving from name Filaretos

Filaretos doesn’t feature many nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are Filaretios and Filaretis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Filaretos

Filaretos is a noble and kind man, who loves his family and friends. He likes working with kids and he is always helpful to anyone who asks for it.

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