Filippos or Philippos

Filippos or Philippos is a male Greek name. It is a compound word consisting from the Greek words “filos”, which means friend, and “ippos”, which means horse. Therefore, Filippos is the friend of horses.

Filippos was the name of five kings of Macedonia, including Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. The name was initially more common among Eastern Christians but it came to the West by the Middle Ages.

Filippos is the Greek version of name Philip.

male greek name filippos

Sound of name Filippos: Feé-lee-pos

Female Version of name Filippos: Filippa

Nameday of Filippos: November 14th

Origin of Name Filippos – Apostle Philip

The name appears in the New Testament belonging to two people who are regarded as saints. First, one of the twelve apostles, and second, an early figure in the Christian church known as Philip the Deacon.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates nameday of Filippos honoring Apostle Philip, who was one of the 12 followers of Christ. He was from Galilee and was invited by Jesus himself to become his follower.

According to the Christian tradition Filippos taught the Gospels and died as a martyr in Syria. He was declared a Saint by the Greek Orthodox Church.

Nicknames Deriving from name Filippos

Filippos doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives; the most common ones are: Filippas, Filippakis, Filippis, Filip.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Filippos

Filippos is calm, phlegmatic, and cannot be easily influenced by his passions. He is very neat and clean person and he likes exercising a lot.

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