Florentia is a female Greek name relatively popular in the western parts of the country, especially the Ionian Islands. Opposite from its male respective, Florentia is more common. It also derives from the latin word flos-floris which means flower.

Florentia is the Greek version of name Florence.

female greek name florentia

Sound of name Florentia: Flo-re-dé-a

Male Version of name Florentia: Florentios

Nameday of Florentia: October 13th

Origin of name Florentia – Agios Florentios (St Florentios)

Florentia is a name associated with Agios Florentios. You can read the story of St Florentios at the pertinent post for name Florentios.

Nicknames deriving from name Florentia

Florentia has a few nicknames and diminutives such as: Florence, Florento, Flora, Floritsa, Florena, Florentsa Ntia, Ritsa, Rea, Roula.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Florentia

Florentia is a very grounded and rational person, always willing to help when she can. She is the right person to consult with when you have a professional problem because she is capable of finding plausible solutions.

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