Fotis is a common male Greek name, which derives from the name Fotios.

Both Fotis and Fotios come from the Greek word “fos”, which means light. Therefore, Fotis is the enlightened one.

fotis Sound of name Fotis: Fò-tis

Female Version of name Fotis: Foteini

Nameday of Name Fotis: January 6th (popular) and February 6th (rare)

Origin of name Fotis – Theofania and Agios Fotios (St Fotios)

Fotis has two name days because it is associated with two different Orthodox themes; on January 6, Greek people celebrate the “Theofania”, Jesus’ baptism in river Jordan by John the Baptist.

Theofania is one of the most important holidays for the Greek Orthodox Church, the last of the three important holidays of the 12 days of Christmas. It is also known as Epifania or Fota – which explains why men named Fotis or Fotios celebrate their nameday on the day of Fota or Theofania.

Patriarch Fotios

However, in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, the name Fotis and Fotios is associated with one of the most significant personalities of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Fotios, also known as Agios Fotios (St Fotios).

Fotios was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 857 to 867 AD and is considered among the most important religious persons for the Greek Church.

He was a very active but also controversial personality for the Greek Church and he was sent to exile several times by different Byzantine Emperors.

In 886 Fotios was sent to exile for the last time and it is estimated that he died on the 6th of February 893. The Greek Orthodox Church has declared him a saint and celebrates the memory of St Fotios on February 6.

Nicknames deriving from the name Fotis

As mentioned, Fotis is a name that comes from the name Fotios, which also features a few more nicknames and diminutives. These are: Fotakis, Fotakos, Foteinos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals for the name Fotis

Fotis is a man who sets his goals and tries not to stray from them. He always wants to make his life better and he is always willing to try hard for his goals.

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  1. Chryssafa? My grandmother, Chryssafina, had a son, my uncle, called Fotis. She was from the island of Tilos. Thats in the Dodecanisos group of islands,with Rodos as the capital. My Dad, Mihalis, a younger brother of Fotis, was born on the island Symi.
    Perhaps the Dodecanisos may be a good start?

    Regards, Nick.

  2. My father was adopted from Greece and his name was Fotios Mikalakakis(originally). I would love to find the Mikalakakis family and see where my bloodline goes, however I am a bit constricted by language barriers ;( At least its interesting to learn the meaning of his birth name.

  3. My grandfathers name was Fotis Zambos. I am trying to find some info on his birthplace of Chryssafa, greece. does anyone have info?

    • My husband’s grandfather’s name in America was John Zarbs, who we believe was from Crete. When he died, his father’s name was listed as FRANK. When I inquired as to what the Greek name for Frank was, someone told me Fotis. It is coincidental that your last name is Zambos, which is close to Zarbs. I have never been able to confirm this, but was told the true surname was Zarbis, although my mother-in-law, due to divorce, changed her name back to her maiden name, but spelled it Zarbos. Zarbos is even closer to Zambos. Did you ever find what you were looking for?


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