Fryni is an ancient Greek name, a very famous female name throughout the centuries. The ancient name Fryni derives from the small animal “frynos”, which is the toad in English.

female greek name fryni

Sound of name Fryni: Freé-nee

Male Version of name Fryni:N/A

Nameday of Fryni: N/A

Origin of name Fryni

Fryni is a name not included in the Orthodox Calendar therefore has no nameday. However, in the ancient years, Fryni was the name of the most famous courtesan of the times in Athens.

Fryni was a gorgeous woman – some people say that she was even more beautiful than Helen of Troy. She was born in Boetia and lived in Athens.

She was very famous because she was always asking for lots of money in order to provide her company to men. She did not have fixed rates, but would suggest the price according to how she felt for each client. If she did not like the guy the price would be truly exorbitant. At the same time she offered her company to philosopher Diogenes for free.

Fryni was so rich that when the city of Thebes was destroyed by Philip and Alexander of Macedonia, she offered to rebuild the walls of the city.

At some point one of her ex lovers accused her falsely for trying to introduce a new god and corrupt the young girls. Fryni was brought to Arios Pagos, the court of Athens and was defended by the rhetor Iperidis who was also her lover.

When Iperidis saw that they were losing the trial, he tore Fryni’s clothes so that her body would be totally exposed. The judges were amazed by her beauty and set her free because such beauty was considered a divine gift. They did punish Iperidis for his action though.

Fryni became the most famous courtesan of all times inspiring artists with her beauty and fame.

Nicknames deriving from name Fryni

Fryni does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Fryni

Fryni is a liberal woman; she seeks pleasure and money but she can be a very dependable and reliable person to work with.

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