Garifallia is a female Greek name which actually originates from the ancient years, although the name was not in use at the time. Garifallia is a name that refers to the flower clove. In its ancient form it means the rosebud of Zeus; science has categorized the flower clove to the family of Dianthos (rosebud of Zeus) because of its ancient meaning.

female name garifalliaSound of name Garifallia: Ga-ree-fa-lyá

Male Version of name Garifallia: Garifallos

Nameday of Garifallia: July 19th

Origin of name Garifallia – Osios Dias (Blessed Dias)

The ancient meaning of the name Garifallia is also recognized by the Greek Orthodox church, which  celebrates the nameday of Garifallia on July 19th, the day of name Dias – Dios.  There is an association of name Garifallia with Dias, therefore the name is celebrated on the same day as Dias.

Dias was a man who lived during the late 4th century. He was a man of deep Christian faith and beliefs, who worked as a Priest in Constantinople. He died peacefully, having helped thousands of people during his days.

Nicknames deriving from the name Garifallia

Garifallia has a few nicknames and diminutives such as Lia, Litsa, Efi, Filitsa.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Garifallia

Garifallia is a very calm and introverted woman, who likes the arts and everything that has to do with culture. Some people might consider her naive, because she is soft spoken and very kind, but she can be way to introverted sometimes.

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