Isidoros is a male Greek name which derives from the Greek words “isos”, which means equal, and “doron” which means present (gift). Therefore, Isidoros means the “equal gift”.

Isidoros is an ancient Greek name  but it became known and in use only after the 4th century AD.

There is also another version of the etymology of the name; according to this, name Isidoros meant “gift of Isis”, from the name of the Egyptian goddess Isis combined with Greek doron.

male greek name isidoros

Sound of name Isidoros: Ee-seé-do-ros

Female Version of name Isidoros: Isidora

Nameday of Isidoros: February 4th

Origin of name Isidoros – Osios Isidoros (Blessed Isidoros)

Name Isidoros refers to a man born in Egypt in 360 AD. He received high religious education and worked as a teacher in a church of Alexandria. Later on, he decided to start working on studying the Scripts, so he went to mountain Pilousio to live there as a monk.

Isidoros joined the local monastery there and became very famous because he knew how to explain complicated parts of the scripts. He wrote many religious books and letters (2.012 letters are saved today) where he explained the divine scripts.

Isidoros died in peace in 440AD. The Greek Orthodox Church declared him Blessed and celebrates Isidoro’s nameday on February 4th.

Nicknames deriving from name Isidoros

Isidoros doesn’t have many nicknames or diminutives. The only known ones are Sideris, Doros and Akis.

The names’ fairy reveals the meaning of name Isidoros

Isidoros is a quiet man who loves reading and participating in art events. He is into arts and crafts and he is usually rather lonely.

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  1. For your information, It is a fact that there is a nickname for Isidoros…..which is Derry. I know this as it was my Fathers name and is my 1year old sons name now. It comes from saying “little isidoros” in greek and is said Isideraki.You drop the Isi and the ak near the end and hey presto bobs your uncle.

    • My beloved brother was Derry.This name is too advanced for F…..g Greeks. Actually he was killed by a mouslim in Khartoum. Although I don’t have any thing against Muslims, this happened.In court in Sudan he was found innocent.Justice is blind. So Derry comes from Isidoros = Siderry = Derry.

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