Kalliroi or Callirhoe

Kalliroi or Callirhoe is a female Greek name whose roots are found in the ancient years.

The name Kalliroi derives from the Greek words “kallos”,  which means beauty and “roi”, which means flow; therefore, Kalliroi is the “beautifully streamed” or “beautifully flowing”.

The spelling “Kalliroi” is closer to the Greek spelling of the name, while Callirhoe is the Latin version of this name.

female greek name kalliroi

Sound of name Kalliroi: Ka-lee-ró-eeh

Male Version of name Kalliroi: N/A

Namedy of Kalliroi: September 1st

Origin of name Kalliroi – 40 Virgins

The name Kalliroi originates from the ancient years, but for the Orthodox Church Kalliroi refers to one of the 40 Virgins, who were decapitated by ruler Licinius of Thrace, due to their Christian faith.

Callirhoe in Greek Mythology

However, the name Callirhoe is an ancient Greek name, referring to the daughter of Oeneus king of Calydon.

Kalliroi or Callirhoe was a nymph, one of the Naiads. She married Alkmeon not knowing that he was already married to Arsinoi, a princess of Arcadia.

However, Callirhoe learned about the fabulous treasure of Harmonia, a necklace and a robe, that Alcmaeon had inherited from his greedy mother, Erifilli. As Alcmaeon’s wife, Kalliroi demanded that the treasure would be given to her. Alcmaeon stole the treasure from Arsinoi but her brothers found out and killed him.

Callirhoe and Neilus

According to another myth, Callirhoe was the wife of Neilus (the river Nile). Together they had a daughter named Chioni, which means “snow”.

Nicknames deriving from name Kalliroi

Kalliroi has just a few nicknames and diminutives; the most common one is Kallia, but you can also find Kalliro, Roi, Kali, Rea.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Kalliroi

Kalliroi is usually an eccentric woman, who likes attracting attention. She takes care of her appearance a lot, and she can be judgmental over other people due to their appearance of physique.

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