Klearchos is a male Greek name which derives from the words kleos and archo which translate to glory and rule respectively. Therefore, Klearchos is the glorious ruler.

Klearchos is an ancient Greek name which used to be more common during the 60s, but it is becoming less popular nowadays.

Klearchos male greek name

Sound of name Klearchos: Klé-a-rchos

Female Version of name Klearchos: N/A

Nameday of Klearchos: N/A

Origin of name Klearchos

Klearchos does not have a nameday; this means that he is not included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, since there is no saint, martyr or Osios (blessed) with this name.

Klearchos is mentioned in Xenophon’s historical books. He was a renowned Spartan general born the 5th century BC.

Klearchos is mostly known due to the famous expedition of the 10.000, which was undertaken by Kyros (Cyrus) against his brother Artaxerxes, aiming to dethrone him. General Klearchos led the mercenary army, a delegation of the Peloponnesian men forming the right wing of the army, during the battle of Counaxa in 401 BC. His army was 30 times less than the opponent’s, but Klearchos managed to defeat the army of Artaxerxes twice in the same day. It is said that this is the most glorious military achievement in the history.

When Cyrus died, Klearchos was handed to Artaxerxes who executed him.

Klearchos is considered one of the most admirable generals in the military history, but it seems that he hasn’t gained the place he deserves in history.

 Nicknames deriving from name Klearchos

Klearchos does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Klearchos

Klearchos is a brave man who doesn’t like to be guided by others. He is usually a man who honors his word, but can be quite offensive some times.

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