Lefteris is a common Greek male name; it is the main nickname deriving from the name Eleftherios. Lefteris is also one of the names whose origin is the subject of controversy among the Christians and the historians, as the latter suggest that the name Eleftherios and its female respective Eleftheria come from the ancient Greek word eleftheria which means freedom, while the Christians tend to mention  only Agios Eleftherios (Saint Eleftherios, the Christian Saint commemorated by the Greek Orthodox Church). The truth is that name Lefteris and its full version Eleftherios come from the Greek word eleftheros, meaning free and eleftheria which translates to freedom.

lefterisSound of name Lefteris: Le-fte’-rees

Female Version of name  Lefteris: Eleftheria

Nameday of Lefteris: December 15th

Origin of name Lefteris – Agios Eleftherios

As mentioned, Lefteris comes from the name Eleftherios, the name celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church. Additional information on Agios Eleftherios can be found at the post Eleftheria.

Nicknames deriving from the name Lefteris

Lefteris is a nickname of name Eleftherios, which features just a few nicknames and diminutives. Some of the most known ones are:  Lefterakis, Akis, Takis, Ritsos, Lakis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Lefteris

Lefteris is an active and outgoing person, great in self employing professions. He loves nature and being outside; he is also very good in team sports.

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