Makis is a male Greek name commonly used in Greece. Makis is actually a nickname, diminutive of certain main male names, such as Thomas, Efthymis, Asimakis and more.

In Greece it is quite common to see male names in -akis, such as Sakis or Takis, because the suffix -akis means “the little one” and is mostly used in a tender way.

male greek name makis

Sound of name Makis: Má -kees

Female Version of name Makis: N/A

Nameday of Makis: depends on the nameday of its main name

Origin of name Makis

Name Makis is, as mentioned earlier, a diminutive name, deriving from certain other Greek male names. Hence, if you meet a man whose name is Makis, you need to ask him what is his main male name, so as to know when his nameday is, and what his name means.

Name Makis usually derives from name Thomas, Efthymis, Asimakis, Gerasimos. You can read more about these names and their meaning at the pertinent posts for these Greek names.

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